Cindy Ashton

Award-winning TV personality, musical actress and master presenter, Cindy Ashton has a proven track record of teaching her clients world class presentation techniques that create a higher buy-in, increase in influence and double in sales.

Cindy Ashton

Speaker Language(s):
Travels From:
New York City, NY
Price Range:
$12,500 – $15,000
Works In:
USA, Canada

Fields of

  • Influence / Persuasion
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales
  • Stress Management

Innovation Uncorked! Pop Open Your Creative Power for Radical Business Growth

Entertainers have the ability to create new worlds, take us on an adventure and achieve remarkable feats. Business Professionals have that same ability. Whether dealing with customers, staff, new initiatives or challenges that arise, understanding how to tap into their creative power is key to standing out from the competition and scaling quickly.

In this interactive, hilarious and revealing talk, you will:

*   Unlock creative portals to spark unique ideas that get you noticed and has your customers spreading the word about you

*   Uncork their innate magnetism to influence their employees to follow their direction

*   Gain the ability to create amazing, innovation solutions when navigating obstacles and change

*   Discover the key distinctions, skills and tools that profitable teams and businesses use to create influence in their area and grow their businesses rapidly

Story-tell to Sell: Capture Attention, Establish Credibility & Be Memorable

In attempting to get buy-in, most leaders and salespeople rattle off boring facts, credentials, benefits and other dry materials. A team is left uninspired to follow through and do their best work and prospects don’t feel compelled to buy.

In this high impact presentation, you will:

*   Learn how to craft a story like an Oscar Winner to make an impact, keep your listener engaged and be memorable

*   Gain insight into building the desire needed to propel team members and prospects into action

*   Understand how to connect emotionally to gain trust and comradery

*   Discover the keys to gaining credibility and illustrating your why a product or initiative is important

Win the Sale & Gain Buy-In: Riveting Body Language and Voice Tactics to Optimize Your Impact

Confidence is overrated in closing sales and getting buy-in from your team. If a highly confident sales or business person is holding stress in their body, they may come across as insecure or even aggressive or bullying. And that will turn people off.

In this entertaining and strategic presentation, you will:

*   Learn how to use your speaking voice to draw people in and keep them listening

*   Ignite your natural magnetism to read as compelling and confident so your team and prospects TRUST your word

*   Unlock powerful body language used by world class entertainers to influence people into action

*   Learn breathing and stress management tools to ensure you don’t come across negatively to others



Cindy Ashton is the award-winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked on e360tv appearing on 190 million screens worldwide, CEO of Minerva Entreprises LLC, an elite-level presentation strategist, professional speaker and singer / entertainer. With twenty years of experience, she is an authority on presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, content delivery, and leadership presence.

Canadian-born, Cindy lives in the United States under a green card for a person of “extraordinary ability” and is considered to be in the top one percent in her field. She has received awards from former president Obama and Queen Elizabeth II for her lifetime of volunteerism, and has appeared in multiple media including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Forbes, Investment News and Inc. Magazine.


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