Elevate Presenting Skills Intensive

Limited to only  6-12 speakers and thought Leaders

  • February 26 & 27 2020 in NYC

Most presentation training gives you canned poses, gestures and speech effects… 

which reads as disconnected and inauthentic. First, we focus on stripping away everything in your presentation style that renders you less credible. Then we show you how to enhance your natural brilliance and personality through powerful body language, voice and presence exercises.  The result? A compelling, magnetic, authentic you that can influence anyone from the stage to the boardroom to networking, sales and beyond

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Lucrative Bookings Intensive

A Small Group, Virtual Intensive, Consisting of 6 Classes Starting…

  • February 18th 2020 (Virtual)

Are you an emerging speaker who’s ready to turn your passion for speaking into a profession? Or a professional speaker, longing to get on more stages & increase your pay/bookings?  In this small group intensive, you will build a speaking platform that is sellable to meeting planners and develop a strategy to get booked including how to generate targeted leads, connect with decision makers, negotiate in pay and much more.



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Speaker Reel Filming

Limited to only 6-12 speakers and thought leaders

  • February 28 2020 in NYC

 You have been speaking for a while. You know you are making an impact, but you are frustrated because you don’t have great video that you can show meeting planners so you can book more gigs, increase your visibility and command higher rates.  This event is an outstanding opportunity for you to get excellent footage of you speaking… great sound, magic lighting and a fabulous stage!

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Speaker Council Meetings

Limited to only 15 speakers and thought leaders

  • January 31 – February 2 2020 Location TBA
  • May 1-3 2020 Location TBA

Join other 6- and 7- figure business owners for in depth masterminding and advanced training in landing paid bookings, influential content development and presenting training designed for thought leaders on the rise. This council meeting is part of a year-long program where you will gain high-impact connections, training and promotion so you can increase influence and build your brand into a global sensation.

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