For Executives, Managers & Business Owners

A powerful presence and delivery are paramount to gaining buy-in whether you’re an executive getting stakeholders on board; a manager who needs the team to follow your strategic plans and ideas; or a business owner bringing on new strategic partners or selling a product or service. We help you with everything from your messaging and storytelling, to your presence, body language, and presentation style.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Change communication styles to get your team engaged and turn prospects into clients.
  • Develop story and messaging that captures attention on an emotional level.
  • Leverage scientific body language and connection strategies to propel your stakeholders, team and leads into action.
  • Learn the subtle nuances of the speaking voice and how to shape words to influence your audience into action.

We work with our clients to develop:

  • Analysis and strategy plans
  • Content and process reviews
  • Customized presentation skill techniques
  • Interaction skills for clients, team and stakeholders
  • Implementation for results
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