Kristin Pedemonti

After working with countless cultures across the world, Kristin is the master of illustrating how to tap into the power of the human story to break down mis-perceptions, connect with clearer communication and give space for all voices to be heard to shift from problem oriented to creative solution driven. Contagious in a good way, her talks are not only practical, but filled with exuberance, heart and joy!


Kristin Pedemonti

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Washington, DC
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$5,000 – $10,000
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  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Productivity
  • Storytelling

Navigating Change & Creating Potential: Leveraging the Power of Human Connection to Create Daring, Innovative Solutions

When it comes to navigating change and obstacles in the workplace, the tendency is for each person to try and cope on their own which only serves to shut communication down, create isolation and even more stress and chaos. Once the human connection is lost, productivity and the opportunity for creative solutions decrease. The key is to inspire employees and bosses to tap into the power of the human connection to come together and view obstacles as openings to create something extraordinary.

In this groundbreaking presentation, the audience will:

  1. Discover how potential exists everywhere when we serve as catalysts and tap into our talents.
  2. Leverage the power of the personal story to shift potential problems and seek solutions
  3. Understand how to pause, reflect and look through a different lens as a way to spark creative strategies
  4. Learn to open communication with colleagues as a way to stimulate team tenacity, comradery and vision for a common goal.

Speak So Others Understand: Translate Technical Jargon into a Relatable, Human Story to Boost Communication & Buy-In

Hans Rosling said, “It is never about the data, it is about human beings.” We crunch numbers and get lost in technical jargon that puts listeners to sleep. Numbers and boring facts are only part of the story. It is the human story that connects people and propels them to take action.

In this revealing and entertaining presentation, the audience will:

  1. Learn to translate complex data, graphs and charts into a human story to show the bigger picture and value behind the numbers.
  2. Understand why less is more when creating impact and getting buy-in.
  3. Discover how to create clear key messages that connect on an emotional level so your listener can come to yes.
  4. Create accessible, easy to understand information to share with clients, staff, stakeholders and prospects to increase sales, partnerships and productivity.

Steer Your Story: How to Reframe and Reclaim so You Can be More Resilient and Sail Through Challenges!

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves combined with the stories we consume impact our view of self, our interactions with others both on the job and in our personal lives, and our ability to navigate challenges as well as how we see the world around us. Without resilience, employees experience burnout, loss of productivity and the inability to communicate effectively with co-workers.

In this highly interactive presentation, the audience will:

  1. Identify the stories they tell themselves and how those impact their stress levels, interpersonal relationships and the ability to be productive.
  2. Understand how these stories can serve or stop them in being resilient and able to navigate challenges.
  3. Create a new narrative to re-frame, be innovative, gain control over their own life/work story and shift their mindset from critical thinking to creative thinking.
  4. Re-frame challenges from a stressful experience to an exciting adventure.



Kristin Pedemonti is a TEDTalks Talent Search finalist, award-winning Storyteller/Speaker, facilitator, trainer and coach. She’s made global impact presenting on 5 continents for 50+ countries. Kristin connects: whether factory workers or CEOs, Senior Directors or farmers in the field. She believes every human being is of value and every encounter is an opportunity to learn.

Clients include: World Bank, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, MIT, JP Morgan and others. She’s the author of three books including, A Bridge of Stories chronicling the sale of her home & possessions to create/facilitate a volunteer project donating programs for 33K students and 800 teachers.



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