HHave you ever wondered how some speakers manage to land paid bookings, and others don't? 

Successful paid speakers have these 3 things in common: 1. A Targeted Platform ......2. A Strong Strategic Plan ......3. Marketing, Sales & Negotiation Skills

If you are a good speaker yet want to be great and build a sustainable speaking career, you are in the right place!

 Welcome to...

Lucrative Bookings  

Learn how to land paid speaking engagements and take your speaking strategy to the next level.

A Small Group, Virtual Intensive Starting Tuesdays, February 18th, 2020 

Limited to 12 speakers.  

Plus... Enroll one of you team members at no additional cost

Dear Speaker:  

We have 2 questions for you:  

Are you an emerging speaker who's ready to turn your passion for speaking into a profession?  

For professional speakers, are you prepared to get on more stages & increase your pay/bookings?  

If so, then we would be delighted to help you!  

Before we show you how we can give you strategy to build a sustainable, long term speaking career, let's talk about...

Top 10 Reasons Speakers Don't Get Lucrative Bookings

Speakers struggle to get booked for these 10 reasons: 

  •  Undeveloped speaking materials.
  •  Content is too generic and similar to other speakers.
  •  Items missing from their speaking package; i.e. 3 different bios needed, etc.
  •  Clueless as to how to network with meeting planners.
  •  Failure to leverage influential connections.
  •  Ineffective or lack of marketing strategy.
  •  Unaware of the right questions to ask meeting planners.
  •  Expertise & credibility not positioned accurately.
  •  Ineffective crafting of the speaking proposal specifically to the engagement.
  • Lack of negotiation skills.

Ready to knock these 10 barriers out of the way and finally land speaking engagements?

The Lucrative Bookings Intensive program is the catalyst to build a targeted strategy to get booked and generate new business. 

In addition, you will learn how to craft your speaking marketing package -- a critical requirement for meeting planners.

The program consists of six classes via video conference. If you are unable to make one of the classes... no problem! Submit your questions in advance, listen to the recording and be interactive in our private Facebook group for ongoing support, feedback and questions. All classes are 90 minutes in length and scheduled as follows:

TUESDAY'S at 3:00 pm EDT / 2:00 pm CDT / 1:00 pm MDT / 12:00 pm PDT. Recordings will be available if you a miss a class.

Class 1 - Feb 18th, 2020: Map out your message, markets and positioning for gigs

  • Create an innovative marketing message that has a strong point of view to engage your ideal market. 
  • Target specific markets and audiences with your message.
  • Develop unique positioning to capture the attention meeting planners.

Class 2 - Mar 3rd, 2020: Build your speaking platform and marketing collateral  

  • Craft your 3 speaker biographies, core talk titles and other marketing materials. 
  • Discover how to capture great video footage of you speaking and develop it into a speaker reel.
  • Learn how to add credibility by pitching to the media and landing press interviews.

Class 3 - Mar 17th, 2020: Generate targeted leads to connect with decision makers, Part One

  • Learn a step by step process to generate targeted leads on LinkedIn.
  • Discover tactics to research and directly access decision maker's contact information.
  • Acquire strategies on how to produce a roundtable event to generate training and consulting gigs.  

Class 4 - Mar 31st, 2020: Generate targeted leads to connect with decision makers, Part Two

  • Discover how to access listings of targeted speaking opportunities within minutes.
  • Understand where you need to 'hang out' to connect with and leverage influencers as a way to source paying gigs.
  • Gain a competitive edge by learning how to search the hidden web to find speaking events.  

Class 5 - Apr 14th, 2020: Become a master negotiator

  • Know what questions need to asked when speaking to a meeting planner so you can craft a proposal that stands out.
  • Discover the keys and exact language to use to negotiate higher pay and perks... even when there is no budget!
  • Learn how to research your prospects in order to impress meeting planners.  

Class 6 - Apr 28th, 2020: Develop your follow up system and how to close contracts

  • Develop a template to write emails that grab attention and convert.
  • Discover how speaker contracts work; and what needs to be included and/or excluded to protect your intellectual property.
  • Design a strategic plan to source, pitch and follow up on speaking opportunities, training and consulting opportunities 

“One speaking gig would easily pay for this. My question was 'How can I do this easily? They seem to be so far and in between.' Now I know how to reach out to people, where to go to find them, how to research for them, how to reach out to them. All the templates where provided. I could just fill them out. Now I have an entire plan on how to get the next several gigs without having to wait for them to come in. This was fantastic Cindy. Thank you!" 

~Barb Stuhlemmer, Master Business Strategist

We have included instant access to these invaluable bonuses:

Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template Why hire a lawyer & spend thousands when this contract has already been created for you?  

Bonus Two: Email Access In addition to receiving booking, sales, PR and marketing strategies, you will have access to email Cindy, your instructor for Q&A, feedback requests and networking opportunities. 

Bonus Three: How to Create a Speaking Website - Audio One of our expert guests will show you how to layout and maximize your website presence so it speaks directly to meeting planners, as well as all the components needed to stand out from the crowd.  

Bonus Four: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements - Audio This audio will provide specific ways to take one speaking engagement and translate it into additional bookings, consulting opportunities & high-end packages.  

Bonus Five: Enroll an Assistant or Team Member into this Program At no additional cost, we will train one of your team members on how to get booked, negotiate and increase your opportunties so you have support getting your career to the next level.

"I had the pleasure of joining the Lucrative Bookings course led by Cindy Ashton and her company Minerva Enterprises. My expectations were normal for a course, and this was anything but normal. The framework and content are structured so that you actually built a better platform, created a sound marketing strategy, and gained insights to speaking professional that only an accomplished ground breaking presence like Cindy and her team can provide. For me, the most rewarding and enriching element was the live course work where we interacted with other emerging speakers. The dialogue was innovative, as it was a safe space for exploring, reflecting, challenging, and real learning. As a class, we made each other better. All this with lots of laughter and time flying by. A solid core curriculum, only strengthened by Cindy's insightful and supportive guiding hand. Highly recommended for anyone starting in the field or wanting to up their game."

~Paul Rosenberg, Award-Winning Global Leadership Coach

How Doug is adding $600K to his income as a result of the working with us:  

Note: Your results will depend on where you are at with your career and action steps taken. Result are not guaranteed.

Your Investment & what Lucrative Bookings includes:

  • Six, 90-minute recorded video conference calls. If you can't make it, submit your questions in advance & then listen to the replay.


  • Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template


  • Bonus Two: Three Months Private Email Access for Q&A and Feedback


  • Bonus Three: Maximizing Your Website for Meeting Planners - Audio


  • Bonus Four: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements - Audio


  • Bonus Five: Enroll Your Assisant or a Team Member into this Program


Total Value: 6000 USD Early Bird to Dec 31st, 2019: $2997 USD $3997 USD as of Jan 1st, 2020 

Do you need help deciding if this is the right course for you? Book a complimentary consultation with us, by clicking here

Refund Policy: Minerva offers no refunds. Limited to 12 attendees who are committed. 

"This course is awesome, thought-provoking, and value-filled. It completely blew my mind. I can’t believe the value that I got out of this. I would have paid 10X. I learned how to get more bookings, how to do our marketing message, and how to reach the decision makers and speak to them more effectively. I know that I am going to step it up a level, and not only in my fees. I am going to get more and more bookings! Thank you, Cindy. Absolutely amazing.

~Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Solutions

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