HHave you ever wondered how some speakers manage to land high paid bookings. And others don't? 

They have these 3 things in common:  

1. A Targeted Platform ......2. A Strong Strategic Plan ......3..Great Presenting Skills

If you are a good speaker but only getting mediocre results, .........................you are in the right place. ..................... 

 Welcome to...

Lucrative Bookings  

Connect with Decision Makers & Negotiate High Paid Speaking Engagements! 

A Small Group, Virtual Intensive Starting Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 

Limited to 12 speakers 

.................. .Plus... a ticket to our 2 day live event "Captivate and Convert" aptivate

Dear Speaker:

We have 2 questions for you:

 Are you an emerging speaker who's ready to turn your passion for speaking into a profession?  

For professional speakers, are you prepared to get on more stages & increase your pay/bookings?  

If so, then we would be delighted to show you how!  

The truth is that our industry is saturated with outstanding speakers like you with remarkable messages. It is becoming harder to get seen, make your mark and command higher pay (or any pay at all).

Many speakers are frustrated trying to figure out how to increase their bookings and generate the impact they are driven to make while getting paid handsomely for it.

The current industry trend for speakers is the "Speak to Sell" model, whereby an individual will speak at an event for no fee but instead has the opportunity to sell their books, products and/or services. A few speakers have truly succeeded in this approach, but the majority are baffled on how to monetize from it.

If you are challenged with making money selling from the speakers' platform and have great credentials, well-paid engagements will be a much easier to attain once you understand the process and how to cut through the crowd.

If you are a rock star at selling from the stage, you can still use the same process and learn how to get more of those types of bookings.

And, if you are still in the beginning stages of your speaking career and determined to grow your speaking platform, understanding the process to get booked will empower you to achieve your goals significantly faster.

Finally, if you are ready to take your message and knowledge to more speaking platforms (or even arenas) as well as increase your bottom line, we would love to invite you to our intensive "Lucrative Bookings" program where you will learn how to connect with decision makers and negotiate higher pay (or more exposure and perks if you are a "speak to sell" speaker).

Learning the steps to rise above the noise and get booked will propel your reach, visibility, career and profits significantly.  

Top 10 Reasons Speakers Are Challenged Getting Booked

Speakers struggle to get booked for these 10 reasons: 

  •  Undeveloped speaking platform/program 
  •  Message is too.generic
  •  Items missing from their speaking package; i.e. top 3 talk titles, etc.
  •  Failure to network in the right circles
  •  Not leveraging circles of influence
  •  Ineffective marketing strategy
  •  Inability to ask meeting planners the right questions
  •  Failure to succintly showcase expertise & credibility 
  •  Incapable to pitch specifically to the engagement
  • Lack of negotiation skills.

Ready to knock these 10 barriers out of the way and finally land speaking engagements?

In this intensive Lucrative Bookings program you will create a customized 90 day action plan to get booked! 

Plus put together your entire speaking platform package -- a must have for meeting planners.

Nothing cookie cutter about this program!  

You will walk away with:

  • A crafted marketing message to engage your ideal market.
  • Learn how to pitch meeting planners and the media.
  • Strategies to generate targeted leads.
  • Tactics to gain direct access to decision maker's contact information.
  • The exact template to write emails that grab attention and convert.
  • A roadmap to create sellable marketing materials
  • How to leverage one gig into several bookings + coaching and training packages.
  • What questions you need to ask during the needs analysis.
  •  The keys to negotiate higher pay and perks.
  • A fully built speaking platform to look like a pro! 
  • And more... 

How & When is this intensive Lucrative Bookings program delivered?

The program consists of six classes via video conference. If you are unable to make one of the classes... no problem! Submit your questions in advance, listen to the recording and be interactive in our private Facebook group for ongoing support, feedback and questions. All classes are 90 minutes in length and scheduled as follows:

WEDNESDAY'S at 1:00 pm EDT / 12:00 pm CDT / 11:00 am MDT / 10:00 am PDT 

Class 1 - Sept 25th:. Map out your message, markets and positioning for gigs

Class 2 - Oct 9th: Build your speaking platform and marketing co-lateral  

Class 3 - Oct 23rd: Generate targeted leads to connect with decision makers, part one

Class 4 - Nov 13th: Generate targeted leads to connect with decision makers, part two

Class 5 - Nov 20th: ..Become a master negotiator

Class 6 - Dec 4th: . Develop your follow up system and how to close contracts

**Recorded replays will be made available if you miss a class

“One speaking gig would easily pay for this. My question was 'How can I do this easily? They seem to be so far and in between.' Now I know how to reach out to people, where to go to find them, how to research for them, how to reach out to them. All the templates where provided. I could just fill them out. Now I have an entire plan on how to get the next several gigs without having to wait for them to come in. This was fantastic Cindy. Thank you!" 

~Barb Stuhlemmer, Master Business Strategist

We have included instant access to these invaluable bonuses:

Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template Why hire a lawyer & spend thousands when this contract has already been created for you?  

Bonus Two: Access to our Private Minerva App In addition to receving booking strategies, you will have access to our private group on the Minerva App for unlimited Q&A, feedback requests and networking opportunities. Membership will also include the opportunity to ask questions about speech writing, presentation skills, how to convert from the stage and much more.  

Bonus Three: How to Create a Speaking Website - Audio One of our expert guests will show you how to layout and maximize your website presence so it speaks directly to meeting planners, as well as all the components needed to stand out from the crowd.  

Bonus Four: Maximize Your Visibility on LinkedIn to Get Booked - Audio One of our expert guests will present golden strategies as to maximizing your LinkedIn profile in order to attract decision makers as well as research key booking opportunities.  

Bonus Five: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements - Audio This audio will provide specific ways to take one speaking engagement and translate it into additional bookings, consulting opportunities & high end packages.  

You would benefit from the intensive Lucrative Bookings program if you are one or more of the following:

  • You have years of experience and/or credentials and ready to leverage it for higher pay.
  • You are in your first year or two of your speaking career, dedicated to getting to the high pay level and looking for the path to get the bookings needed to get to the next echelon.
  • You have 'paid your dues' in your industry and need help positioning yourself to your market.
  • You are already getting paid bookings and longing to increase the volume and pay ranking.
  • You are challenged with making money from the 'speak to sell' model.
  • You are getting random bookings here and there, and now want a clear, easily repeatable and sustainable system to grow your speaking business.  

Plus after your registered, you have the option to attend our 2-day Captivate and Convert Live Presenting Skills Training for only $297 US! Value $1,500 US.

To get booked over and over and command high pay, you can't just be a good speaker, you need to be RIVETING. 

  • Learn how to stimulate various nerves in your body to be highly magnetic, irresistible and command a room with authentic power
  • Leverage the power of storytelling to draw an audience in and create intimacy
  • Learn how to use visual and emotional anchors to connect with the audience on a deeper level and have them invested in you and your message
  • Develop stage performance skills including using the stage effectively, moving with intention, making an emotional impact, where to look and other techniques to finesse your style 
  • Develop breathing and relaxation strategies to release stress in body as a way to free up the speaking voice and read as confident and trustworthy
  • Understand how to use vocal dynamics and energy tactics to draw your audience in and keep them listening to every word
  • Develop a preparation routine to use before conversations, board meetings, speaking engagements, Q&A’s and other business-related activities 
  • And much more... 

November 14-16th, 2019

"I had the pleasure of joining the Lucrative Bookings course led by Cindy Ashton and her company Minerva Enterprises. My expectations were normal for a course, and this was anything but normal. The framework and content are structured so that you actually built a better platform, created a sound marketing strategy, and gained insights to speaking professional that only an accomplished ground breaking presence like Cindy and her team can provide. For me, the most rewarding and enriching element was the live course work where we interacted with other emerging speakers. The dialogue was innovative, as it was a safe space for exploring, reflecting, challenging, and real learning. As a class, we made each other better. All this with lots of laughter and time flying by. A solid core curriculum, only strengthened by Cindy's insightful and supportive guiding hand. Highly recommended for anyone starting in the field or wanting to up their game."

~Paul Rosenberg, Award-Winning Global Leadership Coach

Your investment & what Lucrative Bookings includes:

  • Six, 90-minute recorded video conference calls. If you caAdvanced Presenting SkillsAdvanced Presenting SkillsAdvanced Presenting Skillsuestions in advance & then listen to the replay.
  • Private group for ongoing feedback, questions, networking and support
  • Template Library: Includes email and phone script + strategy maps + audios.
  • Bonus One: Standard Speaking Contract Template
  • Bonus Two: Three Months Access to our Private Facebook Group for ongoing coaching
  • Bonus Three: Maximizing Your Website for Meeting Planners - Audio
  • Bonus Four: Get Visible on LinkedIn - Audio
  • Bonus Five: Leverage Your Speaking Engagements - Audio
  • Plus a free ticket to our 2.5-day live event in NYC "Captivate and Convert"  

Register before Wed., September 11th, 2019 to receive a 20 minute power session with Cindy, valued at $200. US

Plus get instant access to all the course materials right away. Only 12 spots 

Do you need help deciding if this is the right course for you? Book a complimentary consultation with us, by clicking here

Refund Policy: We offer no refunds. We only have 10 spots open and want committed clients in the program.

"This course is awesome, thought-provoking, and value-filled. It completely blew my mind. I can’t believe the value that I got out of this. I would have paid 10X. I learned how to get more bookings, how to do our marketing message, and how to reach the decision makers and speak to them more effectively. I know that I am going to step it up a level, and not only in my fees. I am going to get more and more bookings! Thank you, Cindy. Absolutely amazing.

~Lauren Pibworth, Pibworth Professional Solutions

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