Marc Gordon

Named as one of the top 100 marketing experts to follow on Twitter, and called a superstar by The Oprah Winfrey Network, Marc Gordon shows his audience how to create authentic customer experiences that build repeat business.


Marc Gordon

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Thornhill, ON
Price Range:
$7,500 – $10,000
Works In:
Canada, USA

Fields of

  • Branding
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

More Than a Logo: Creating a Consistent and Honest Brand That Won’t Work Against You.

Most organizations see branding as a way to create a well-known and consistent image. But in the age of social media, having a well-publicized brand can lead to negative reviews and public relations disasters if brand expectations don’t match customer reality. Rather than simply creating a flashy logo and over-hyped tag line, brands work best when they accurately reflect the true and authentic strengths of an organization and its products.

In this entertaining and insightful talk, Marks gives examples of brand successes and failures, while showing how to build relationships with potential customers by creating great experiences for them before they even buy.

Stop Chasing Followers and Start Creating Customers: The Truth About Social Media Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that social media was an effective way to market your business and companies spent heavily on building an online audience. Today with organic reach and paid ads no longer working, organizations need to develop strategies that encourage their customers to do their social media marketing for them.

In this revealing talk, Mark shares what motives people to share and react to online content and how organizations can ethically and effectively promote themselves with new types of social media strategies that resonate in today’s world.

Say No to Wow: How to Stop Wasting Money and Give Your Customers Exactly What They Expect.

Organizations spend countless resources trying to wow their customers and keep them coming back. However much of that money and effort is wasted on creating experiences that don’t make a difference to the bottom line. Research shows that the most effective way to drive sales and repeat business is to simply understand your customer’s expectations and meet them appropriately.

In this humorous and high-energy presentation, Marc uses everyday stories and examples that demonstrate how to deliver relevant, cost-effective and memorable experiences that create happy customers who keep coming back.



Marc Gordon is an internationally recognized speaker and thought leader in the fields of marketing and customer experience.  He works with companies that understand the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences that cultivate relationships and build loyalty. Marc is often featured on television, radio, and in newspapers as a marketing expert.


Marc’s  syndicated   articles   appear   in  over   200     business publications in four countries. Marc has also been listed as one of the Top 100 Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter. And his YouTube channel,, has also been rated as one of the top 50 channels for small business.



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