Michael Kass

By tapping into the power of storytelling, human connection and communication, Michael Kass has raised tens of millions of dollars for various non-profit groups, often surpassing their yearly budgets. He now shows audiences how to use those same tactics to manage change, increase employee engagement and build a culture of trust that impacts the bottom line.


Michael Kass

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Los Angeles, CA
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$3,500 – $7,500
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  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Presence
  • Relationship Building
  • Storytelling

Speaking with Presence: How to Find Your Voice and Influence Your World

Communicating clearly impacts whether or not your team will follow your direction, making it essential that leaders learn high-level speaking skills, whether their audience is one person or a hundred. The problem is that most speaker training concentrates on superficial techniques that actually take away the speaker’s natural power and authenticity.

In this entertaining and interactive talk, Michael draws on his years of experience as an award-winning storyteller, actor and professional speaker. He shares how to craft a strong message and deliver it naturally and with power – using effective strategies derived from mindfulness, theater arts, neurolinguistic programming and more.

Create Inspiring Leadership Through Storytelling

Ever since Steve Jobs launched the iPod, storytelling has been recognized as the key visionary tool for leaders to inspire others and create-buy in from both internal teams as well as external partners. The challenge is that very few leaders have had any formal training in how to create and use stories effectively.

In this inspiring high-energy talk, Michael shares the six types of stories that all leaders must know, the power of a great origin story, and how to use story to build an inclusive and high performing culture for your team.

Building a Culture of Engagement Through Storytelling

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Studies have shown that organizations which have cultures of inclusivity and high engagement are most successful. But how can an organization build an effective culture? The answer is through one of the oldest and most powerful forms of communication – story-telling.

In this humorous and interactive presentation, Michael Kass shows why stories have such a potent impact on us and explains in concrete terms how storytelling can be used to build human connection and increase levels of engagement in order to create a high performing work culture.



Michael Kass is a Los Angeles based speaker, facilitator, and award-winning storyteller dedicated to helping people, organizations and communities discover and harness the power of their stories to create change. Michael’s trainings on storytelling, speaking, mindfulness and breathwork have been featured at events the United States and internationally. Michael is a graduate of Rice University and Northwestern University. 

He is an ACC coach certified by the International Coach Federation, a certified breathwork facilitator, and has completed Medicine Wheel training with Rites of Passage Vision Quest. Michael is a mentor with the Creative Visions Foundation, the Storytelling Expert of The Wellbeing Project, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Breath Center.



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