Michelle Tillis Lederman

Named by Forbes as One of the 25 Professional Networking Experts, Michelle Tillis Lederman helps corporations battle the $500 billion lost to employee disengagement by teaching her relationship-driven leadership strategies which increases retention of top talent and creates an engaged and loyal workforce which has a substantial positive impact on productivity, revenue, and profits.


Michelle Tillis Lederman

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YOU the Brand: Determine and Drive How Others See You

What do people say about you when you leave the room?  Is it what you want them to say? How you show up in the room, get listened to and are known amongst your colleagues and clients are all critical components of your future success.

In this workshop Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO and Founder of Executive Essentials, will discuss how to determine your brand attributes, demonstrate the nuances of body language on your professional presence, and discuss how to strengthen the lasting impressions you make on your network, expanding upon lessons from her book The 11 Laws of Likability.

What You Will Learn:

  • Recognize the attributes that impact first and lasting perceptions
  • Tweak your body language to enhance your professional presence
  • Discover the verbal tools and distractors the impeded your image
  • Learn how word choice impacts responses
  • Determine how to select your brand personality

How to Get What You Want: Influencing Others into Action

What do you want? How likely are you to make it happen in the time frame you want? The truth is we often need the actions of others to accomplish our goals. The best way to get what you want is to figure out why someone else wants you to have it.

In this interactive talk, Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The 11 Laws of Likability and The Connectors Club will reveal the three reasons people take action and how to increase your aptitude of each technique.

Program Benefits:

  1. Recognize the three reasons people take action
  2. Incorporate the Inquiry vs Advocacy model to reveal motivations
  3. Discover how to position requests using WIIFT
  4. Adopt a Connector mindset to leverage relationships
  5. Ask for what you want with ease and increase the odds of getting a yes

The Relationship Driven Leader: Because People Do Business With People They Like

Your ability to create meaningful and lasting relationships directly impacts your success from hiring, to being a trustworthy leader, to shaping the organizational culture. Growing a larger network with stronger relationships increases your value, influence and impact.

Discover how you can become a leader who attracts and engages an eager, committed team.  Expand your role, build loyalty, and close deals on relationships not price.  And when opportunities arise, be first in mind and someone they want to say ‘yes’ to!

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover the correlation between a relationship driven leader and the bottom line
  • Increase your authenticity and productive energy in interactions
  • Build and retain trust to improve productivity, morale, loyalty and retention
  • Nurture your network and increase your influence
  • Connect in conversation and deal with difficult coworkers



Michelle Tillis Lederman is a people expert who inspires organizations and individuals to build real relationships and get real results. Having worked with organizations large and small, she’s identified the common struggle… it’s people challenges.

Michelle began her journey to training and speaking when she became disheartened by the lack of leadership and communication she experienced in corporate America. She is a recovering CPA who spent over a decade in finance. Michelle’s shift began when she wanted to teach hedge fund advisers how to convince her to invest. Michelle realized she was a teacher at heart and began designing her own ideal career. It was this change that led her to found Executive Essentials a training company that provides communications and leadership programs, as well as executive coaching services, to enable others to excel professionally.


Michelle is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books including her latest bestseller, The Connector’s Advantage and the internationally recognized The 11 Laws of Likability, as well as Heroes Get Hired and Nail The Interview – Land The Job. Named by Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts and also a former NYU professor, financial executive, and recovering CPA. She teaches from experience and shares what she learned during her extensive career.

Michelle’s clients range from government to academia to non-profit to Fortune 500 companies including; Madison Square Garden, Citi, Johnson & Johnson, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Michigan State University, Columbia Business School, Target, Sony, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and The Museum of Modern Art.

Michelle received her BS from Lehigh University, her MBA from Columbia Business School, and her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.

Michelle lives in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and two rescued dogs.



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