Mike Dieterich

Mike Dieterich, an environmental science and LEED AP, is a leading global expert in sustainability and resilience who amongst his numerous accomplishments has been called on as an expert for the US Congress at the Energy Efficiency Forum to discuss energy efficiency applications and the United Nations Climate Action Forum to discuss sustainability and resilience and how these initiatives support the Paris Climate Agreement.

Mike Dieterich

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Washington, DC
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  • Building Optimization
  • Climate Change
  • Net Zero Energy
  • Resilience
  • Sustainable Development

The Net Zero Energy Advantage: How to Build Energy Producing Structures That Increase Profits

Learn energy efficiency strategies through evaluating occupancy engagement opportunities as well as principles of integrative design to reduce construction costs. Also, how to use technology to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency.

Building Optimization Tactics: How to be Energy Efficient While Saving Money

Understand how to optimize buildings operations, reduce the number of lights installed by an average of 30%, how to work with stakeholders to get them onboard with the changes and keys to benchmarking and metering to perform better and save 17% overall.

The Bright Side of Climate Change: Smart Solutions to Save Money, Infrastructure and Lives

Discover how to take leadership and use climate changes as a marketing tool to drive business as well as best practices from other countries as an example of the success we can achieve. Plus the keys to using technology to reduce costs and create a better indoor and outdoor environment.

How to Prevent & Respond to Disasters: Resiliency Planning Strategies

Learn how to lay a foundation to have a policy, plan, and goal around resilience as well as build structures resistant to weather and other challenges. Reduce future losses and have an emergency preparedness in place. Develop an energy and water strategy to reduce use, provide security and reduce the loss of property.



Mike Dieterich is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional, a degreed environmental scientist, best-selling author, and award-winning producer. He envisions and professionally works towards building a world where there is balance between profit, people, and the environment. Nationwide, he has helped communities and organizations find sustainable profitable solutions for over a decade. For a variety of organizations, he has assessed and implemented energy efficiency and sustainability programs, projects, and policies. As a solutions driver, he bridges the gap between business and technology with expertise in managing complex programs and multiple concurrent projects with involvement in numerous aspects of the built environment. Building profile types, he has worked on include courthouses, office buildings, schools, recreation centers, navigational equipment, churches, single-family/multi-family housing, and community developments utilizing ISO 9000 and LEED standards and controls.

Chad found the formula for material attainment and spiritual enlightenment to allow his life and his clients to become integrated in a flex/flow lifestyle. An accomplished athlete, businessman, philanthropist, Super Dad, devoted husband, and former top coach with the #1 coaching organization in the world, Chad speaks about building unique, dynamic, and inspirational experiences that bridge the gap between what people want and what they need.

Over the past decade, Mike has been called upon as an expert by the United States Congress at the Energy Efficiency Forum to discuss energy efficiency applications and by the United Nations Climate Action Forum to discuss sustainability and resilience, as well as how these initiatives support the Paris Climate Agreement, leading to follow-up conversations at Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon universities on the implementation of sustainable practices. His efforts have been featured in The New York Times and various national broadcast outlets. His TEDx talk, “A Zero Energy Water Waste Future,” focused on the future of energy, water, and waste reduction and zeroing in our communities. Most recently, his second TEDx Talk “The Time to RISE” focuses on resilience.


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