Odette Peek

After building a seven-figure business during the middle of a recession, Odette Peek has helped thousands of businesses and sales professionals increase revenues by 50% in less than a year of working with her as well as continue to generate more business year over year.

Odette Peek

Speaker Language(s):
Travels From:
Oakville, ON
Price Range:
$5,000 – $7,500
Works In:
Canada & USA

Fields of

  • High Performance
  • Messaging
  • Mindset
  • Sales
  • Storytelling

Stories that Convert: How to Leverage the Magic of Storytelling to Radically Boost Sales

Rattling off endless features and benefits bores prospects and customers and results in only average sales. The key to being a top performer and breaking quotas is learning to go beyond the immediate need of the client, ask deeper questions to uncover their long term vision and use story to enroll them in achieving it.


In this fun and insightful presentation, Odette shows her audiences how to tap into the power of story with prospects and customers to visually anchor the dream, emotionally engage them to their purpose and turn them into an ongoing, raving customer.

Turn Conversations into Clients: Be the Trusted Expert that Wins the Sale

The majority of salespeople are either product or pitch focused which only garners mediocre results in today’s world. Customers crave connection and get turned off by what feels like a sales pitch. The key is to actively engage them in deeper, more compelling conversations that will build stronger long-term customer relationships.


In this engaging and interactive talk, Odette explains the key performance indictors at each of the 4 levels of sales people and how to use conversations to be more approachable, relatable and customer-focused to out-perform quotas and grow the company.

How Big is Your But? How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Become a Sales Superstar

Sales is more than just a series of calls, discussions and follow ups. After all, two people can follow the exact same sales process but yield drastically different results.  So what makes the difference, and how can people who have already mastered the system get to the next level and become true sales superstars? The answer is by working on their inner game.

In this humorous and insightful presentation, Odette takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery, revealing the deep questions that will help eliminate self-sabotaging attitudes and assumptions, allowing them to become the sales superstars they were meant to be.



After building a seven figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that led to a breakdown and then a rebirth of a new mission to help entrepreneurs and leaders share their unique and powerful story with the world.  A professional  speaker, experienced business coach,  and TEDx  alumni, Odette helps you identify, clarify, and amplify the story that is the root of your passion and purpose and emotionally and professionally connects you with the perfect audience. Vulnerability and authenticity can be difficult to share, but with Odette’s help you can build a successful and sustainable business and achieve the life you have always wanted.


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