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Cindy Ashton

Principal & Chief Executive Officer

By age 3, Cindy Ashton was already wearing sequins, singing showtunes and dancing around her living room to her imaginary audience of millions. Since then she has worked with Broadway performers, Emmy winners, Opera directors and countless others gracing thousands of stages. Now she is the Award-Winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked on e360tv, syndicated worldwide on a 190 million screens.

Bringing her flare for stage craft to the speaking world, Cindy has been a presentation trainer for over 20 years and has appeared in INC Magazine, Investment News and many other media. Determined to elevate the industry to higher standards, she has been training her speakers with the storytelling, body language, speaking voice and stage performance skills that top entertainers possess.

As a professional speaker, Cindy has given her sparkle and expertise in being an irresistible presenter to Met Life, Royal LePage Realty, University of Toronto and more.  After years of seeing amazing speakers struggle to land paid gigs and hearing meeting planners who are frustrated with speakers who don’t meet their expectations, she teamed up with the remarkable Rebeca Perez to create Minerva Enterprises LCC. Together, they are raising the bar.

When she is not on stage or training her clients, Cindy can be found indulging in triple chocolate mousse coconut ice cream while lounging on her red sofa and wearing her not so sexy zebra pajamas.

It’s been a wild ride and she loves every minute of it!

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Rebeca Perez

Principal & Chief Operating Officer

Rebeca is Principal & Chief Operating Officer at Minerva Enterprises, LLC.; a company that trains and elevates strong speakers to elite levels, and helps bring their wisdom to audiences in a thought provoking manner.

With a career that expands twenty (20) years in finance and law, her expertise includes consulting, relationship management and business development.

Rebeca previously served as Vice President at Fidelity Investments’ Clearing & Custody Services business unit, where she was responsible for the custody, clearing and consulting practices of Registered Investment Advisors throughout the South Central region of the United States. Prior to Fidelity, she held positions at BNY Mellon, JP Morgan Chase, and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General. She earned her juris doctorate from Boston College Law School and her B.A. in economics from Fairfield University.

While not working, Rebeca is enjoys time with family & friends over long luxurious dinners and great bottles of red wine, has two dogs, Maddie & Loki who tend to drag her on adventurous walks, and traveling the world, having visited over 80 countries with a few more to go.

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Karrie Blew

Program Director

Karrie Blew is a dynamic communications and business operations professional for both startups and established organizations. She believes the most successful businesses are team driven, have the most effective communication and establish efficient systems across all parallels. Driven by her desire to transform organizations into achieving their best possible outcomes for sustainability and growth, Karrie’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

Ms. Blew’s entrepreneurial spirit was first revealed at the young age of six. She observed children with lemonade stands and knew she had to be more creative.

Her instincts were right, she started a snow cone stand and was over the top successful.  Karrie’s innovative approach to creating success has continued throughout her career. She went on to assist companies large and small engaged in hospitality, print media, manufacturing, real estate, holistic health, training & development, human resources and more.

When Karrie isn’t busy fixing organizations, you’ll find her falling over trying to do yoga, laughing it up with family and friends, and spreading love where ever she can. She thoroughly enjoys talking long walks by the river that runs through her neighborhood and talking to everyone she can about health and wellness and especially eating clean.

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Rebecca Johnson

Relationship & Business Development Manager

Rebecca Johnson began her career as a conference planner, hosting policy programs with CEOs, media personalities and elected officials.  She has directed events for the President of the United States, Senators, Members of Congress and state and local elected officials.  Before joining Minerva, she created outreach programs for the Estuary & Ocean Science Center, building crowds for new activities and increasing attendance at ongoing annual events.  While there she hosted national and international leaders from the world of marine science who gave public lectures to capacity crowds on the topics of global climate change and ocean conservation.

During her years of fundraising in Florida, she worked on several political campaigns.  Rebecca also recruited board members and raised money for non-profit organizations in education, healthcare and the arts, including Miami City Ballet which was founded by international ballet star Edward Villella.

She pursues her passion for community service as a member of the California Explorer Search & Rescue unit and a Humane Society volunteer foster.

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Michelle Emson

Technical Director

Michelle is a geek and proud of it. Her entire life has been a harmonic blend of creativity and analytical attention to detail. With over 30 years of information technology experience, Michelle has extensive skills in all aspects of Internet technologies and their application to successful businesses.

She is responsible for all of our business systems and integrations, drawing from a long history with both large scale corporate enterprises and talented entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business.

She is equally at home buried deep in server configuration as she is behind the sound or lighting board in the theatre, or caressing her Stratocaster! Michelle is also a passionate human rights activist and documentary filmmaker.

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Tiffany May

Relationship Manager

Having spent many years working with celebrated and prominent CEO’s, Tiffany May is experienced in recognizing the values and importance of impactful leadership. She is driven to work with thought leaders and strategically market them. She successfully books speakers, coaches, authors, c-level leaders and entrepreneurs in front of large audiences, in the media and on tv.

Tiffany cultivates and nurtures relationships with companies, events, and other stages to bring greater exposure to professionals. She diligently works one-on-one with them to ensure their messages get to the right audiences where they will be heard and acted upon. This further elevates and helps thought leaders make an impact and build influence.

When she isn’t hard at work booking influencers, Tiffany is enjoying being a wine lover and travel fanatic.  She has a passion for photo safaris and empowering others to live the life they deserve.

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Brand Marketing Assistant

Amy was born and raised in Taiwan. She has two B.A. degrees in journalism and economics from National ChengChi University, which make her a communicator and a thinker. However,  Amy decided to be a dancer and an actress while she was in college, and that makes her a creative and artsy girl.

After graduating from college, Amy found her interest in marketing. She decided to leave the city where she’s been staying her whole life and moved to the center of the universe – New York City. Graduated from New York University with an M.S degree in marketing, Amy is now exploring the broad market in the city. She is a fast learner and is very determined, can’t wait to make a significant impact on the world. Learning new skills every day, she is hoping to be an outstanding marketing person one day. 

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