Did you know there is a major pay gap for women in the speaking industry? 

We are on a mission to bridge that gap. It is our time for #ourvoicetoo!

Why is the #ourvoicetoo movement so important?

The more women speakers and leaders speak from their power, rise to the top and get equal pay, the faster a powerful cultural shift can happen.

Join the movement to catapult YOU & other women speakers and leaders to the top:  

  • Work collaboratively to spread awareness 
  • Learn strategies to propel your voice onto bigger stages 
  • Negotiate higher pay
  • Meet women influencers and top speakers who will give you key insights to breaking through
  • Be part of the global rising happening for women right now

What is #ourvoicetoo? Who are Minerva Enterprises?

Inspired by how the #metoo movement gave a voice to so many women, we created #ourvoicetoo to give people of various groups, a voice to be heard, seen and honored. Our first campaign for #ourvoicetoo is designed to bring awareness to the major pay gap for women in the speaking world and provide sustainable solutions. The world needs more women voices to shine through and be part of the cultural shift that is happening right now. 

Minerva Enterprises LLC is founded and owned by Cindy Ashton & Rebeca Perez. As an Award-Winning TV Host, Keynote Speaker & Performing Artist, Cindy had to learn how to rise above endless bullying and sexual harassment in the industry to now be at the top. A recovering attorney and former VP of Business Development, Rebeca faced racial discrimination and bullying and yet closed billion-dollar deals over the course of her career.

Minerva Enterprises provides presentation skills training, specifically designed to for thought leaders, executives and business owners so they can propel their visibility, impact, bookings and revenue. 

Join the movement to catapult women speakers to the top:  

Text 'get booked' to 69922 or...


Thank you to our partners!!!

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