Did you know there is a major pay gap for women in the speaking industry? 

We are on a mission to bridge that gap. It is our time for #ourvoicetoo! 

We are launching a 100-day global campaign. YOU can be part of the cultural shift that is happening right now.f it.

Join us in Toronto October 6th & be part of the change! 

Get YOUR voice heard on important women's issues + learn how to be a high paid speaker and/or get your voice heard in the boardroom, sales conversations, networking and more! 

Why is the #ourvoicetoo movement so important?

A message from Cindy Ashton, CEO of Minerva Enterprises LLC

Join the movement to catapult YOU & other women speakers to the top:

Date: October 6th, 2019 Time: 2:00 to 5:30 pm Location: Marriott Courtyard Vaughan 150 Interchange Way, Concord, ON L4K 5P7, Canada $49.00 CAD Includes appetizers & light refreshments


Note: Tickets are non-refundable but fully transferrable

At this event, Cindy will teach you:

  • How the pay gap in the speaking and leadership industries is affecting your success
  • Negotiation strategies, delivered from your feminine power
  • How to use your speaking voice and body language to increase respect, ability to connect and sales
  • Tactics top brands use to go global
  • The science behind being highly magnetic and powerful without saying a word
  • Plus, live instruction on how to present with greater power and get your voice heard 

Included: Special Livestreamed Panel Discussion 

Contending with Predators, Bullies and Trauma often holds women back from rising up to the top. Meet our panelists, who will lead you in a deep conversation on tackling this key issue: 

Nancy Osborne CD was one of the first women to work in Security, Policing and Intelligence in the Canadian Military, rising to the rank of major + one of the first women to be deployed by the UN as a Security Advisor in high threat environments. She has negotiated with warlords and worked in more than 40 countries supporting humanitarian aide delivery to the women and children in some of the most difficult environments in the world. Learn:

  • To identify predatory behavior; establish clear boundaries and shut down harassment before it even begins. 
  • How to preempt the bully, manage the idea thief, and be recognized for your ideas and contributions.  

Dana Pharant escaped a religious cult and childhood sexual abuse and went on to build a 7-figure business. Now she is the master of healing trauma and teaching business women baddass abundance and negotation skills. Learn:  

  • How to hold your power, with the energy of a Domantrix, without compromising, justifying or giving away too much.
  • Negotiation tactics to drive you to that big goal, ask for the sale, pitch for the raise and beyond. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives looking to gain more buy-in, build their personal brand and increase visibility to their company.
  • Business Owners looking to be seen as a thought leader in their industry and build additional income streams.
  • Speakers who have accomplished something extraordinary and have a significant body of work in their expertise seeking ways to build their speaking career. 
  • Industry Professionals with a strong expertise who crave to increase their visibility, be seen as an authority and monetize their brand through speaking

What is #ourvoicetoo? Who are Minerva Enterprises?

Inspired by how the #metoo movement gave a voice to so many women, we created #ourvoicetoo to give people of various groups, a voice to be heard, seen and honored. Our first campaign for #ourvoicetoo is designed to bring awareness to the major pay gap for women in the speaking world and provide sustainable solutions. The world needs more women voices to shine through and be part of the cultural shift that is happening right now. 

Minerva Enterprises LLC is founded and owned by Cindy Ashton & Rebeca Perez. As an Award-Winning TV Host, Keynote Speaker & Performing Artist, Cindy had to learn how to rise above endless bullying and sexual harassment in the industry to now be at the top. A recovering attorney and former VP of Business Development, Rebeca faced racial discrimination and bullying and yet still closed billion-dollar deals over the course of her career.

Minerva Enterprises provides presentation skills training, specifically designed to for thought leaders, executives and business owners so they can propel their visibility, impact, bookings and revenue. 

Raving Fans...

Check out our testimonials are from attendees of previous presenting training events that Cindy has led:

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Join us on October 6th for the #ourvoicetoo event Only 40 seats  

Note: Tickets are non-refundable but fully transferrable


Thank you to our partners!!!