Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg is an award-winning leadership coach and consultant with over thirty years of experience. He has lived on every continent except Antarctica, although he loves penguins. His unique skill set has brought clients over $100MM in performance improvements. Paul’s work has been featured in Huff Post/Thrive Global.

A stand-up comic and former improvisational actor, Paul brings an innovative approach to the business world. Without the heckling.

Paul has spoken for diverse groups such as Royal Caribbean and British Petroleum. He is a sought-after presenter in creativity, culture, and performance and is the author of the acclaimed book “Rogue Leadership: Harnessing headwinds to Drive Performance, currently out on Amazon world-wide.

Paul Rosenberg

Speaker Language(s):
English & Spanish
Travels From:
Miami, Florida
Price Range:
$5,000 – $7,500
Works In:

Fields of

  • Innovation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • High Performance
  • Culture

The Power of Connection in the Workplace:  Creating a Lasting Leadership Presence


Showing up isn’t enough anymore. Philosophy as laid out in The One Minute Manager only takes you so far. What our team says and thinks about us is more in our control than we think. Studies show that companies with engaged employees earn 2.5X more revenue than the competition with low engagement. So how do we get there?

Picture yourself in a comedy club filled with people drinking, laughing, and talking. Collectively, the audience hums with an attitude: “make me laugh.” The common purpose: they came to be entertained, united in varying degrees of defiance and sobriety. What does any of this have to do with business? We can look at the arc of a stand-up show’s thirty-minute set as an accelerated “rogue life cycle” in business, as comics, like, leaders, must react and connect in real time.

In this unique presentation, you will learn:

  • Creating immediate connections
  • Messaging the right way and shaping perception
  • Avoiding the three biggest mistakes leaders make in visibility: Maintaining your presence while absent
  • Turning resistance into productive energy and performance


Gain the Competitive Edge: How to Drive Innovation and Creativity for Sustainable Growth

Many companies create innovative cultures in their start- up phase. Ideas flow easier, the capacity for risk is higher, and collaboration is essential for survival. Once mature, complacency sets in, and most organizations stagnate into a routine. How do I reinvigorate my team and become a creative force again without significantly changing my structure?

Most team building exercises and training lasts a few weeks, and then people go back to what they were doing before. To create a fully collaborative and integrated team, one powerful tool is the power of laughter and play. We will explore how to harness laughter to create alignment and a shared purpose, and in doing so, strengthen collaboration for sustained growth.

In this invigorating presentation, you will learn:

  • The power of play and improvisation
  • Creating safe environments internally for taking risks and new ideas
  • Implementing robust lessons learned without ineffective navel gazing
  • Using humor to build collaboration and trust

Be a Leadership Superhero: Go Rogue and Unleash Potential and High Performance 

Leaders who spend energy, time, and money are invested in unlocking the enigma of powerful leadership: “What can we add to give us the advantage?” “Where is the next accelerator?” “How can we leap ahead of our competitors?”  The multitasking options that face most leaders today boggle the mind. Constantly distracted by messages on mobile devices, they have to remain decisive, motivate their teams, align and balance competing demands—all while meeting the challenges of innovation.

Many of us tend to look for something “out there”—some Holy Grail—to hang on to as a rock or support. Looking only outward for solutions doesn’t work. Most of what we need lives right inside us.

Rogue Leadership involves acting—pro-acting not reacting—in strategic, meaningful, and purposeful ways. It also often involves taking the road less traveled and challenging the status quo. I will provide the key elements of going rogue successfully, while driving performance.

In this revealing presentation you will learn:

  • Going inward and the power of reflection and solitude
  • Creating powerful organic feedback channels without formal structures
  • Avoiding the traps of technology and process
  • Improving decision making
  • Becoming outcome, not activity, focus

The Golden Path to Sustainable Growth: Unlocking the Key to Successful Transformation and Change 

Harvard Business Review and other studies over the last 30 years show that 70% of all change initiatives fail. Why? A lack of buy in, fear, and misunderstanding are all common culprits. Managing change well drives progress, but it must be done purposefully. I’ll show you how to gain the advantage.

Forgo the initiatives, balloons, and big announcements. If there is no pathway in place afterwards to support the change, people will go back to the status quo.  Go stealth, and you can create long lasting change while avoiding the common pitfalls of resistance, misunderstanding, complacency, and misalignment.

In this dynamic talk, you will learn how to unleash these powerful tools:

  • Unlocking the 5 keys to building a critical mass
  • Stealth management techniques that create permanent transformation
  • How going slow helps you to go fast
  • Engaging influencers at all levels 




Paul Rosenberg’s diverse clients have included global leaders and Fortune 500 companies like American Airlines, Honeywell, and Premdor/Masonite, as well as NGOs, start-ups, and greenfield/first-to-market entrepreneurs. Previously, Paul led marketing and business development in Chile, Sweden, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, and the former USSR.

He holds a BA in Mass Communications/Sociology (University of Denver) and an MBA (California Lutheran University).


As a stand-up comic and former improvisational actor, Paul brings an innovative approach to the business world. He has been international speaker and artist at the Swedish International Comedy Festival, USC Festival of the Arts, The Comedy Store, The Broker Joker, among many others. He has the distinction of being on the original “Love Connection”, (no connection), and the winner of the Chilean version of The Newlywed Game. “(Jamaica was nice” said the Mrs.).   


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