Steve Heroux

From a child who was very quiet, to being the #1 salesperson amongst tens thousands in his company by age 22, Steve Heroux is a leading authority of guiding sales teams to sell without “selling.”


Steve Heroux

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San Diego, CA
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$5,000 – $7,500
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  • Business Growth
  • Mindset
  • Networking
  • Relationship Building
  • Sales

Silent Sales: The Art of Listening and Closing Without “Closing”

Learning to overcome objections to boost sales is overrated and antiquated. Most salespeople talk too much, don’t listen enough, and are constantly in pitch mode instead of solution mode, which is why they struggle with closing the sale.

In this strategic talk, the audience will learn how to create an environment where their prospects are asking them what the next steps are. They will understand the art of asking effective questions and listening intently so the prospect feels heard and the salesperson can offer them a solution to which they would easily say yes.

Boost Your Relationship Currency: Network with Confidence and Make Real Connections

When sales are dwindling, most salespeople think, “I need more leads.” The problem is not the leads, but how they are connecting with potential clients in conversation and in their lack of focus on building true relationships.

In this impactful talk, the audience will learn how to walk into any room with 100% confidence and be able to interact naturally with total strangers to create the real connections needed to build their business.

Selling with Honesty: Nurture Prospects into Long-Term Clients and Referral Partners

Inconsistent results, the fear of being that ‘slimy’ salesperson and always seeking fresh leads are clear indicators that a salesperson is missing the foundational skills to build a sustainable clientele that will refer them over and over.

In this revealing talk, the audience will learn how to avoid the highs and lows in their businesses and instead, have a tangible process to nurture leads and close them without “selling” that will ensure their sales and referrals keep rolling in.



Quick witted, highly engaged and radically authentic, Steve Heroux is a Professional Sales Coach, Keynote Speaker and leading authority in providing cutting-edge strategies on selling with honesty. With more than 20 years of success in sales and sales management, he has generated tens of millions in sales, coached thousands of sales people to reach their targets, and risen to the top of three different industries.

Steve reached #1 nationwide in new accounts, beating out over 60,000 agents in a Fortune 500 company. He has worked in multiple fields including insurance, telecom and product sales and his clientele include representatives of companies including Aflac, Keller Williams and State Farm.



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