Influence, Attract & Magnetize 

An exclusive one-day event for Founders, Engineers, Geeks and Dreamers.  

INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL APPEAL to Raise Funding, Negotiate Salary and Improve Your Social Life.

Innovative • Revealing • Experiential 

Body language and vocal expression can make or break an interaction, but there’s more to becoming an influential member of your field than just those two things—and even those two are more complicated than you might think! Top Presentation Trainer, Cindy Ashton is producing a full day course on The Influence Equation, which teaches you how to be engaging and compelling. 

You have been told your whole life that being smart is enough. They said the strength of your ideas is all you need to succeed. That you don’t have to worry about being awkward or shy. And that people skills are for fools or fakes. Wrong!

These skills determine your ability to SHOW how smart you are at work, as well as raise more capital and meet the right life partner.

"To develop your intellectual powers at the expense of the social is to retard your own progress to mastery, and limit the full range of your creative powers." ~Mastery, by Robert Greene

Cindy helps people who think they don’t have charm and charisma to see that they do and can use it to their success. 

  • You will be able to look & feel comfortable in any setting – can’t learn this from a book!
  • Draw people to you without having to try so hard.
  • Ignite your natural magnetism [Yes, you do have it!].
  • You will be coached, not critiqued
  • You will not be called to the front of the class and embarrassed.
  • It will not be a competition.
  • You are going to show how to easily engage anyone you speak with [investors, team members, the boss, friends and potential dates].
  • Unlock powerful body language to influence people into action.
  • Be seen for your genuine brilliance and capture the attention of others.
  • Use your speaking voice to gain the agreement of co-workers.
  • Connect authentically with your team so they invest in making your ideas work.
  • Even get that special someone to date and fall in love with you. 

As the Award-Winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked and having graced thousands of stages across North America as a singer/comedian, Cindy Ashton will be teaching hands on strategies to be irresistible in a way that is usually reserved for entertainers.  

Get ready to learn how you can tap into that level magnetism! No one wants to deal with a robot!

This is NOT simply theory... it's high impact, fast paced, hands on and focused on getting you solid results.  

Imagine how much easier it would be to make a greater impact and inspire people into action if you had unstoppable confidence to walk into every situation and be influential. 

  • Uncover how to deliver a riveting message to grab more attention.
  • Understand how to connect emotionally to be memorable.
  • Know how to walk into a room and make an instant impact.
  • Learn how to use your speaking voice to keep people listening to every word you say.
  • Discover how to ignite your natural magnetism to be compelling and confident.
  • Understand how to capture hearts & get dates. 


Minerva Enterprises, LLC provides presentation training for brilliant minds and thought leaders to build mass influence and gain buy-in to their ideas, projects and products. Our programs generate revenue and exposure for all who attend. 

Cindy Ashton is the CEO of Minerva Enterprises LLC, an elite-level presentation strategist, professional speaker, singer, and award-winning TV host of Cindy Uncorked on e360tv. With twenty years of experience, she is an authority on presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, content delivery, and leadership presence. She knows that real, long lasting human connections are made when a person presents their most natural, genuinely powerful self to the world.  

As a former educational consultant she has twice been nationally published in this field. Cindy is the master at drawing out relevant content from her clients and showing them how to deliver it with their natural charm. Passionate about giving back, Cindy has awards from President Obama & the Queen of England for her lifetime of volunteerism. She has appeared in multiple media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Inc. Magazine and Forbes. 

Earning the trust of others, projecting sincerity and being personable are all keys to inspiring people to believe and invest in you. When you have the power to authentically influence other people, you will be able to land lucrative contracts, connections and financing for your own projects.  

There are many subtle adjustments you can make in your speaking voice, body language, presentation style and messaging that will dramatically elevate your presence, allow you to connect with others authentically and increase your ability to activate people into action.  

Once you have learned from Cindy how to elevate your presence so you can increase your influence, you will be ready to launch. 


San Francisco, California

Saturday, June 15th, 2019 9:00 am Registration 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Presenting Training

Exact location TBA 


Check out our testimonials are from attendees of previous presenting training events that Cindy has led.



  • Admission to 1-day The Influence Equation Event
  • Priority Seating for first 10 registrants
  • All Day Coffee/Tea 
  • Lunch 
  • Networking with Other Brillant Minds
  • Bonus: Story-tell to Sell Action Guide: Learn to tell riveting stories in your meetings, networking, sales conversations and from the stage.

VIP + Pitch Coaching - Only 4 spots

  • Everything in VIP +
  • Priority Seating
  • Deliver your pitch at the front of the room and Cindy will coach you on how to elevate it. You will walk away ready to captivate investors and ideal clients so you can pitch your way to profits!
  • Template on how to create a strong pitch (so you are rehearsed and prepared to deliver)

797 USD (first 10 to register) 997D US (after 10 tix are sold)

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1097 USD 1297 USD (after 10 tix are sold)

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