Tina Greenbaum

An expert on high performance and resilience, Tina Greenbaum has worked with top athletes, executives and employees to achieve super human results under pressure and double their mental and emotional stamina to boost productivity.


Tina Greenbaum

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San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
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$5,000 – $7,500
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  • High Performance
  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Resilience
  • Productivity

Thriving in a Highly Competitive World: Unlock Your Inner Athlete

The word competition frequently conjures up “cut throat,” ruthless personalities. In today’s business culture, these unbecoming qualities are becoming more and more unacceptable. In this presentation, Ms. Greenbaum will explore alternative approaches to winning and losing, using the laws of Nature.

At the conclusion of this talk, participants will:

  • Recognize the specific laws of nature they can utilize which will align to their highest values
  • Understand how to view their competitor as their greatest teacher
  • Learn the specific strategies that great athletes us to keep that “winning “ attitude.

Resilience: The Keys to Long Term, Sustainable Performance

Some people are more naturally resilient than others, but the ability overcome adversity and sustain a positive and productive attitude towards work in the face of life’s challenges can be learned. In this presentation, Tina will look at the specific critical factors that contribute to that quality of “stress hardiness” that will, in turn, ensure greater job satisfaction and ultimately, employee retention.

At the conclusion of this talk, participants will:

  • Identify their own level of resilient attitudes and behavior
  • Understand how their attitudes, self-image and sense of purpose contribute to their level of resiliency
  • Learn proven strategies to increase their ability to “bounce back” from adversity

In the Zone: Creating a High- Performance Mindset

One of the hallmarks of great athletes and great leaders is their ability to assess a situation in a split second. They don’t get flustered under intense pressure; they see possibilities where others don’t. Many of us know that focus and relaxation are just two of the critical elements of a great performance, but common knowledge does not necessarily translate into common practice. Tina will give you an inside look into the mental preparation and mindfulness skills that contribute to that winning outcome.

By the conclusion of this talk, the participants will:

  • Increase their ability to focus and relax under pressure
  • Gain insight as to why they may not be reaching their potential
  • Learn proven strategies that great athletes and performers use



Tina Greenbaum, LCSW is an Optimal Performance Specialist, highly trained psychotherapist, Author, Speaker and dynamic Workshop Leader. Driven by her mission to educate leaders and their employees on the importance of peak performance and stress management skills, she takes pride in providing cutting edge technology necessary to function in high-stress environments; including the latest in neuroscience, energy psychology, sports psychology, Western learning theory, and ancient practices of the East.

Over the past 35 years, Tina has seen an increasing demand for her skills on a global level. The amount of stress that prevalent is monumental. It is her strong belief that the key to changing our organizations and the word, begins by changing ourselves.


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