Wynn Godbold

Wynn Godbold is an author, speaker, coach, and independent certified John Maxwell Leadership trainer. Her specialty is helping clients make the impossible possible.

Most recent clients of Wynn’s have saved $12,000 in one month, seen customer service department scores rise above national standards, and sweep quarter goals. Her private coaching clients have received the keys to their cities and started new businesses.

Wynn hosts the yearly Night of Champions Chef’s Challenge for The Champion Autism Network. She spoke at the South Carolina Human Service Providers Conference and the inaugural Conference of the Coastal Organization of Human Resource Professionals.

Wynn Godbold

Speaker Language(s):
Travels From:
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Price Range:
$5,000 – $10,000
Works In:

Fields of

  • Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Mindset
  • Work-Life Balance

Communication is Not the Key to Success; Connection is: Get Your Teams to Execute with Accuracy

Everyone Communicates. Few Connect. The message is being delivered via text, email, on the phone, and even in person. Yet, what you want is not getting done. The front line doesn’t appear to understand. You’re left wondering, why won’t customer service representatives and sales people just do their jobs?

What stands between your message and success? It isn’t talent, experience, or loyalty. It IS the ability of your middle managers to connect. You promoted from within because some people are capable and dependable to DO the job. Now you must equip them to get the job done THROUGH others. Teach them to connect.

In this action inspiring presentation, you will gain the skills needed to teach managers and supervisors:

  • To connect on common ground building trust and understanding
  • The secret of listening your way to team success
  • How to do the difficult task of keeping it simple so everyone follows your direction with accuracy
  • The formula for becoming inspirational and igniting your team into positive action

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Uncover What is Really Going On to Create Amazing Solutions and High Performing Teams



Whether you’re a CEO, Executive Director, frontline customer-facing service or sales person, or a part-time volunteer your success will be limited by the quality and quantity of the questions you ask. Asking the wrong questions, or none at all, will cause lost sales, organizational confusion, and poor customer service. An organization that doesn’t ask questions is an organization in decline.

Asking the right questions will motivate others, generate better ideas, break down barriers, and build effective teams. Asking any questions will help, but to fast track sustainable success you must know which ones to ask, to whom, and when.

In this eye-opening session you’ll learn:

  • The questions leaders must ask themselves to stay ahead of others and lead effectively
  • How to work with a difficult leader in your organization who has no vision.
  • The most effective daily habit that all leaders should develop to create sustainable success.
  • How to motivate an unmotivated person.

Move from Impossible to Possible!
Build an Engaged Team That Delivers Stellar Work & Enhances Your Brand Reputation

Your company is on the move. You’ve had success, recognition, and income, but you have a vision for more. Colleagues, employees, and customers think you’ve done very well. But you know there’s more for your company. You are called to make a bigger impact. If only you could get employees and stakeholders to see the possibilities and get on board.

What’s holding them back isn’t time. It isn’t knowledge. It isn’t materials. Working longer or harder won’t do it. It’s mindset. To actualize on your company’s next level of achievement requires new thought patterns and new beliefs. Allow Wynn to speak into your organization what it takes to make the impossible possible. 

In this high energy, culture-changing presentation, Wynn will share:

  • What’s in the way of creating your bigger impact and how to move into “what’s possible?”
  • How to ignite passion, purpose and caring in your team to create a ‘win-win’ attitude.
  • The keys to shift the culture of your entire organization into a workplace of co-operation, joy and productivity.
  • Why your company must grow to gain a competitive edge and greater brand reputation.



Wynn Godbold is an author, speaker, thinking partner and independent certified John Maxwell Leadership trainer. She inspires and equips audiences to learn with passion, live with character and lead with confidence. Her specialty is helping others make the impossible possible.

Wynn has motivated, strengthened and empowered businesses and nonprofits, across the country since 2004. With her sweet southern charm and kick butt honesty she moves people to act on her teachings and change their lives.

Most recent clients of Wynn’s have seen their customer service department go from being below national company standards to excelling in all areas measured. Her private clients have made job changes raising their incomes up to four times the previous position.

Wynn earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Winthrop University and her Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Charleston. She is Nationally Board Certified in Reading and Language Arts and holds certifications in Education Administration, Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She was certified and licensed by John Maxwell in 2015 as a trainer, speaker and thinking partner.

Through her company, Bee Sharp Professional Training, she offers leadership training, thinking partner programs, speaking engagements and employee development programs like the Pineapple Project and Everyone Communicates. Few Connect. She’s also brought successful events to the Grand Strand of South Carolina, such as Live2LeadMB, Purpose, Vision, Goals and the Success Summit.

Wynn hosted The Night of Champions for The Champion Autism Network for their inaugural gala and the second annual event in 2019. She spoke at the South Carolina Human Service Providers Conference to rave reviews. In 2018 Wynn’s company, Bee Sharp Professional Training was nominated as Small Business of the Year by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. This year, you’ll find Wynn’s company sponsoring the Bee Aware World Autism Awareness Day at the MB Pelicans ball field.


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